Questions you may have...


Does it cost?

There is a nominal administrative fee of $25.00 per class, payable online (see bottom of page) or at the first class.  Please talk to us if this is an issue.

Does it count for credit?

No . . . School of Urban Ministry (SUM) is a non-accredited two year school designed to prepare a person for ministry and leadership.  We do this through a thorough biblical coursework and practical ministry experience.
(Please note:  In the future, SUM hopes to attain recognition from Christian institutions to accept work for credit toward their degree program.)
Who is SUM for?

It is for any professing Christian with no limitations to age (young adult / adult), gender, ethnicity, or educational background.  Diversity will best reflect the urban ministry and culture, and Christ’s church.

How long does it last?

Approximately two years (fall, winter, and summer semesters with breaks in between).

What classes will be offered? (see SUM Calendar [below] for current classes).

Required courses include:

  • Studies in theology:  a series of six seven-week classes studying the major doctrines of the Christian Church.
  • Relevant church-life and Christian leadership courses.
  • Living Free class: Jesus came to proclaim freedom to a lost world (Luke 4:19-19; John 8:31-32). “Living Free” is the study of the meaning and fullness of salvation.  Through acknowledgment, confession, and repentance the believer comes to participate in the call, ministry, and authority granted to him or her at salvation.
  • Various biblical and topical elective courses.
  • A wide variety of supervised local, regional, and international urban ministry opportunities.

When will classes be offered?

Classes are offered in the evening (Mondays or Tuesdays), 6-7pm and/or 7-8 pm, and occasionally Saturday mornings 11am – 12 pm.  see calendar.
Please note:  occasional elective courses may be offered at other times.  Outreach ministry opportunities vary throughout the week based upon the individual ministry.

What is the importance of this teaching?

LGC and FRO have honed their ministries over the course of decades and have seen much fruit both locally and internationally.  These courses are the combined biblical and experiential resources of these experiences.  Our hope is to give the student “an answer for the hope that lies within them” and to provide tools that will enable future ministry.

Do you have to live in the dorms to take these classes?

No.  However, for those who can, we recommend dorm life.  We believe it to be a healthy environment for the unique discipleship demanded by urban ministry today.  For those interested in dorm living and for further information, please contact us.

Will there be practical times of ministry outreach to apply what I’ve learned?

Yes . . . between the churches and partners, there are dozens of opportunities where the student will be able to do ministry in a supervised environment.